New minis are almost here!

The sculpts are done and pending some final review! I’ll post pictures of the greens (original sculpts) when they’re on their way to the caster. Patience…

The Russians are Here!

Russian Slow Fuse Feature

After far too long of a hiatus the Russian artillery crew is here.  With heads for either foot or horse artillery these ladies will make your battlefield more interesting, to say the least.

Not only are they available for purchase individually but there’s a crew pack to get them all at once.

Painted diorama by Brian Robinette.

Russian horse artillery front

Russian horse artillery front

Of course they’re sold unpainted and unassembled.

Russian Swabber Front

Lyn took Gold with Louis XIX!

Lyn took a gold medal at the Lonestar Figure Show 2013 with Louis XIX!  Way to go Lyn!

Lyn - Louis xix.v Front

International Shipping – New Charges

OK.  I think I’ve got the rates as good as I can get them.  I did try to break them into reasonable chunks based on how many minis are generally ordered.

International Shipping (Updated 2013-02-11)

01 – 08 – $13.00
09 – 16 – $17.00
17 – 24 – $21.00
25 – 32 – $25.00
33 – 40 – $28.00
41 and up – Contact for quote before ordering

Lyn Painted Dogs!

Lyn did a fantastic job painting up the Napoleonic dogs.  Check out all the pictures here.

Lyn - Louis xix.v Front

Lyn - Louis xix.v Side

Lyn - Louis xix FrontLyn - Louis xix Side

Temulun is here!

32mm of Mongol warrior beauty.  Lots of weapons and a little bit of armor.

She’s available in the store so go shopping!

And of course, from the back.

Meet the Russians. Well, most of them

Leonardo is still working away on getting these done but here’s to show that he’s making great progress on all 5 of them.

From the front:

And from the side:

And her little dog too

I guess he’s not so little, relatively speaking.  Air Corps Betty does have a mascot.

He’s scaled for 54mm so he’ll be about the same size as Louis XIX.  More or less.  Jason Weibe is sculpting this one so he’s going to be great.


The Russians are .. coming along nicely

Leonardo is moving right along on getting the Russian ladies ready for casting.  Here’s the latest update.  Extra bonus point to you if you can identify the ornaments on the bikini strings.

How about some British?

British Horse Artillery crew, to be specific.

Highlander Studios is already at work on these beauties.

You can see all of the concept art in the Workbench but here’s a taste.